The Sock Bun

I’m obsessed with curling my hair, probably since I have naturally straight hair, so when I came across this video demonstrating how to put your hair in a sock bun to get perfect curls without heat, I was ecstatic. I finally had some time to experiment last night and tested it out.

I slightly wet my hair and rolled it upĀ  using a leg warmer, since I didn’t want to sacrifice another sock. Unfortunately, and probably due to several factors including; my hair didn’t dry all the way, the bun was very messily constructed, and that the legwarmer was too large, I did not get curls and ended up with poofy hair to the max.

However, I love the look of the sock-bun, so I just put in a large legwarmer bun and went to work. It held up until the end of the day:

Here’s the video to learn how to make the bun:

I’m going to try it out later this week with a smaller sock and try to make the bun less chaotic on the inside. It’s a little tricky to get down when you have layers.

Happy bun-ing.